Keg Stands Are Real!

Today Renee and I spent 8 hours crafting in our respective classrooms. Part of this time was also spent in a trip to the city where we went to a wholesale craft store. It was basically a hobby lobby without air conditioning. We weren’t blown away. Our British coworker, however, couldn’t stop raving about it. This turned us onto the subject of America, Europe and their differences. It ended in clarification that keg stands and frat parties do indeed exist. I felt like I was explaining the concept of Santa to a kid. I explained how Rush/College Life/High School work and by the end she was repeating over and over about how she wanted to go to America. I told her to avoid any homemade punch. It was the best advice I could think of at the time.

I have successfully befriended our boss’ child. He shares his first name with a popular Lady GaGa hit but Renee and I prefer to call him “Cheeks” because he has four of them. All are extremely round. Also he’s cheeky. His english is already as good as my Spanish.


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