Classes have started. I have 9 children in my class. None speak any English to write home about. I started bribing them to learn english phrases by handing out gold stars. We taught them “Duck, Duck, Goose” and they play it at every spare moment. I have to watch their pronunciation very carefully because there were a couple instances where they were saying something that sounded more like “F*&$, F*#^, Goose” ….Oops.

One of our roomies is a Moroccan-Spaniard who breakdances for a living, his dearest ambition is to own a Hummer or Mustang. He is currently scrolling through all Renee’s facebook friends adding the ones he thinks are cute. He’s a fun guy! He says Mustang like Moose-Tang. We are trying to teach him an American accent because he now wants to go buy a Hummer in America and transport it back on a boat. Somehow this will make him very cool. UPDATE: He loves Fabolous.



We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well because no one here has a license. Apparently it costs around 1500 Euros just to get your license. We don’t take the bus because it only comes by 1/hour and it’s a 30 minute ride. Sometime next week we will probably take a bus into town and a taxi back. It only costs 8 Euros! #MonopolyMoney.

Our Spanish mother ran into Mr. Spain in town today and invited him over to dinner this month (He’s 36 and has a girlfriend but who’s counting, right?).

We went to the beach yesterday. Renee was as giddy as a schoolgirl. She ran around, threw sand at children, and frolicked like there was no tomorrow. She needed the break. She has 12 kids and all with about double the energy as any other group. She tries to explain games, instructions, etc;. in her mostly English/some broken Spanish and they lose interest in the first 30 seconds. It’s been rough on her, to say the least. But she has nailed down the instructions “Sit down & shut up” in spanish. Baby steps.

There’s talk of a trip to Barcelona… I’m holding my breath (mostly because I smell sweaty 96% of the time).


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