San Remedios

No birth control is quite as effective as having to deal with Spanish children all day. ARE YOU LISTENING MOM & DAD!?!? I swear… it has only been 6 days and I’m already looking into outsourcing the first 14 years of any child I have. If it’s not “I don’t wanna eat lentil soup!” it’s “She took my Bob Esponga towel!” One phrase I seriously regret teaching them is “I don’t liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, teacher! I don’t liiiiiiiiiike.” Although some are adorable. Really and truly, I don’t know how teachers don’t play favorites. I have a hard time. I also have a whole new respect for Elementary school teachers. They must all be charged to show extreme amounts of patience for wrongdoings in a past life. God bless you.

Also it should be noted that Renee on this Friday July the 8th of the year 2011, Renee said the first words she will have to eat eventually….”When I have kids the first thing they will be is polite!” I’m putting this in writing so in however many years I can make her look at it when her four year old is running around naked in a JC Pennys telling the old women shopping something along the lines of “your face is really wrinkly!” #CantWait


I think the universe is giving us our comeuppance for everyone who had to deal with me from the ages of 0-7 and anyone who had to deal with Renee from her birthday to about 3 years ago. I want to throw a special shout out to my ice skating coach: Thank you for never killing me.

Everyone here has a “Santo” day which is a day to celebrate the saint you were named after. You have your birthday, like normal and then you have your Santo which is where you have family dinner and maybe get a present or two. Obviously there’s no San Lauren so I had the little girls help me choose one. They chose San Lorena (super creative right?) and since there’s nothing close to Renee they chose San Reme which is short for Remedios. We had a whole group of kids calling Renee “Remedios”, she was really happy about it. Haha.

In summary: TGIF.


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